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Commissions and Soundtracks 

            Here are some of the projects I’ve done for other people who need someone who can write for kids and direct them in a recording session.  Usually, they’ve come to me with a topic, a setting and a purpose, and then they turn me loose.  After brainstorming some words and sound settings, we tweak it into the final product, which I then record.  It’s work I love to do! 

New Beginnings Miracle CD

            In 2006, I was commissioned to write a lullaby by Cynthia Goetz, the Nurse-Midwife who helped us with the birth of our babies at St. Francis Hospital. As part of the renovation of the maternity wing at St. Francis into New Beginnings Family BirthCare, she wanted to do something new and special.  She had the idea of giving new mothers a song, and after a while I came back to her with the lullaby “Miracle,” which is a song sung to a baby about to be born.

Originally, Cynthia just asked for a single song.  However, the response to the song was fantastic and the project blossomed into much more. On May 10th there will be a huge CD release celebration at St. Francis, and then starting on Mother’s Day, 2007 every mother giving birth at St. Francis will get a CD of lullabies, including some songs I’ve put on other CD’s as well as the new song “Miracle.”

Want to know more about New Beginnings?  Follow this link to get to their home page.

Want to hear the song Miracle?  Click HERE to hear a clip.  If you want to hear the whole song, you can also buy the Miracle CD at the Women’s Auxiliary Gift Shop at St. Francis, and here’s a link to their home page.

Let’s Go Mathing Soundtrack

            In 2006 I did a really fun project for Producer Ron Ropiak.  Working with Rachel McAnallen, a.k.a. “Ms. Math,” and the people at The Math Channel he created the pilot for a kids’ TV show called Let’s Go Mathing.  This show has now been nominated for an Emmy, and for its presentation of material it definitely deserves one!  He needed some music for the show, and hired me to write and record the songs.  We ended up creating three songs, and I recruited some former students, as well as some family members, to come in and sing the songs.  What a blast!  And who knows, maybe there are more shows to come, especially if it wins an Emmy.        

To check out the website for the show, here’s the link.  And from there, you can click over and listen to the songs.

Here’s a link to the Math Channels website as well.  Pretty cool stuff.

Boyd Productions

            I’ve done a couple of projects for Emmy-Award winning producer Jennifer Boyd.  (  She has done a lot of work for TV and Radio, especially for CPTV, and she’s hired me a bunch of times.  Here are a couple of the projects I’ve done for her:

Captain 5-A-Day

            “I need a 10 minute audio program about eating fuits and vegetables and also getting physical exercise.” 

While others might have been frightened by such a daunting artistic task, I accepted the challenge and off we went.  We worked up a set of songs and a script for the children and Captain 5-A-Day (Mike Adams), which included titles like “The Mango Twist,”  “The Pepper Salsa Game,” and the stirring finale “Bounce Like a Yam, Mon.”  Then we recorded the music and created practice CD’s for the talent so they could come in and do their part.

It was a blast creating this audio program for the CT State Department of Nutrition, which they then send off into the Head Start programs state-wide.  It has also been licensed and produced in a number of other states for their programs as well. 

Here’s a link to the website, though it does not feature any of the music.

Don’t Laugh at Me

As part of the anti-bullying PSA’s that ran on CPTV a few years back, they needed some audio for 30 second TV spots.  At their request I rearranged the first verse of “Don’t Laugh at Me,” by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.  I set it up so that the melody would be passed among four children, and that they would make it through the first 4 lines of the song and the first 2 lines of the chorus, all in 20 seconds! 

Here’s the website for the national program, Operation Respect.


Another PSA CPTV was running was about respect for diversity, and they needed a soundtrack.  I wrote the song and then recorded it with a former student of mine doing the vocal work.